HOW-TO: Install DNS Role in Windows Server 2012

In this guide, Im going to show you how to install DNS in its own dedicated server. Ideally, you would want to install DNS with your Domain Controller on the same server and configure another secondary DNS server, or configure another secondary Domain Controller with secondary DNS for redundancy.

Notes before installing DNS:
– Make sure you have a static IP. You should not install DNS on a dynamic IP (you should have all your servers configured as static IPs anyways)
– Your preferred DNS should be the server itself, either or whatever your server IP address is.
– In this guide, we will only talk about installing DNS, there will be another guide detailing how to configure a secondary DNS server in Windows Server 2012 .

Launch your Server Manager if it is not already up


On your Dashboard, click on “Add roles and features”


You will get the “Add Roles and Features Wizard”, click Next


Select “Role-based or feature-based installation”, click Next


In “Select destination server” screen, most likely you will only see one selection, which is the server you are on, if not, select the server you want to add the DNS role to and click Next


Check the “DNS Server” box


A smaller window will launch to confirm that there are other features that needs to be installed with your DNS role, click on “Add Features” then click Next


You do not have to select anything in the “Select features” screen, click Next


In the “DNS Server” screen you can read what DNS is and what it does, but we already know that, read the “Things to note:” part, once done, click Next


Here we just have a confirmation of what we are installing and what features, click Install


You will see the installation progress, once done, click Close


Once the installation is done, DNS should be installed, you will also notice a new “DNS” tile in your Start screen.


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