HOW-TO: Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2012

IE Enhanced Security Configuration is nice, but can be a little annoying at some times if you need to use the internet for a quick search on the server. Ideally, you should not be on the server just sitting and browsing the internet, but in sometimes, we might do to look for a quick troubleshooting guide or grab a downloadable file.

In order to disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration, launch Server Manager if it is not already up


On the left hand side of Server Manager, click on Local Server


In your server properties window, on the right hand side portion, you will find “IE Enhanced Security Configuration” and it will say “On” by default, click on the “On” link


In “Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration” window, under administrators, check the “Off” radio button then click on “OK”


It is up to you if you want to check the “Off” radio button for users also, I do not see the point of it as most likely you are not going to have your users logged in to your server and just browsing around the internet!

Now “IE Enhanced Security Configuration” is set to “Off”, you can always go back and turn it back on at anytime.

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